Hey, I’m Dave.

I’m a marketer, writer and solo entrepreneur.

And I help other solo entrepreneurs simplify their marketing systems so they can build sustainable online incomes.

Every week I publish new articles deconstructing the business building skills needed to be a modern marketer.

The topics I write about include…

  • Content Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Audience Building
  • Marketing Psychology
  • Website Design
  • Productivity and moreā€¦

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I wasn’t always a marketer though…

After college, I spent 12+ years as a strength and conditioning coach.

I started a sports performance training business where I helped high school, college and professional athletes become stronger and more athletic so they could excel at their sport and stay injury-free.

My passion was training athletes. I loved it.

But I quickly realized that if I wanted to actually make enough money to pay my bills and stay in business, I had to learn marketing.

That lead me down the online marketing rabbit hole.

Where I spent the next few years learning as much as I could about marketing and business building.

Direct-response marketing… Copywriting… PPC ads… Website design… Funnel building… Content creation… Marketing psychology…

The more I learned and applied, the more my business grew.

I became addicted to marketing.

Then one day it hit me. As much as I loved training athletes, I actually enjoyed the marketing and business side of things even more.

So I started building a marketing business on the side while I slowly transitioned out of the fitness industry.

Now, instead of training athletes all day, I spend my time building online businesses – for both myself and my clients.

the hustle and grind culture of the online business world isn’t for me

I believe your business should revolve around your life, not your life around your business.

So I’ve intentionally built my business in a way that gives me plenty of time to do the things I like to do outside of work.

I like to play golf. In Arizona we have amazing weather and some of the best courses in the world, so I usually play at least once a week.

I’m also pretty serious about strength training. In the past, I’ve deadlifted 455lbs for 5 reps, done pull-ups with 100lbs hanging from my waist and pressed a 48kg kettlebell over my head.

I don’t lift as heavy these days but I still train with kettlebells everyday. And I spend an absurd amount of time doing weird mobility and stretching routines.

And when I’m not working, playing golf or swinging kettlebells, I like messing around with web3/crypto and the Ethereum ecosystem.

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Dave Dambrosio

PS: I’m Not a “Make Money Online” guru…

Unfortunately, the world of online marketing is full of grifters and frauds making outrageous promises of seven-figure paydays with no work required.

I want to be upfront so you know what to expect… that kinda stuff isn’t what you’ll find here.

I can’t show you how to build a 7-figure business or generate millions of dollars of “passive income”.

And I don’t know any “secret hacks” or “cheat codes” that’ll put a bunch of money in your pocket overnight.

I’m just a solo entrepreneur building a business that lets me live life on my own terms.

And I’m sharing what I learn along the way.

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