The Minimalist Athlete

The health and fitness industry thrives by making things complex.

That's how they make money.

They complicate a simple process, then charge you for their solution.

It's a model that works because it preys on your fears.

If you don't know their secret program or their new diet...

Then you're doomed to a life of being overweight.

A life of poor health and disease.

So to save yourself, you shell out the money for their fix.

Only to find that the solution you were sold, doesn't work.

And you're in the same exact spot you were the month before.

But what if there was a different way?

A completely opposite way of approaching health and fitness.

A system that's built on simplicity.




A system that embraces the essential...

And hacks away at the non-essential.

This system does exist...

It's what I call, The Minimalist Athlete.

The Minimalist Athlete trains to be strong and healthy.

We utilize minimalist training methods that maximize results.

The Minimalist Athletes eats to be strong and healthy.

We eat a simple, spartan diet based on whole, natural foods.

The Minimalist Athlete lives to be strong and healthy.

We live a simple life...

Prioritizing training, mobility, nutrition, daily activity and recovery.

The Minimalist Athlete ignores distractions.

We use time-tested techniques that are simple and effective.

We focus on the fundamentals.

The proven principles that have worked since the beginning...

And will continue to work forever.

But most importantly...

In a world where health and fitness experts are complicating things to the point of absurdity...

And telling you that you have to do this and that and this...

That more is better.

The Minimalist Athlete understands that the real answer is to do less...

But to do it better.

It's time to become a Minimalist Athlete.

In Strength and Health,