A Simple Formula For Strength And Health

When I first started training I spent pretty much my entire life at the gym.

I trained for 90 minutes everyday.

Killing a single muscle group with hundreds of reps and countless exercises.

Then after I was done lifting... I spent another 30 minutes on the treadmill.

You know... for cardio.

This went on for years.

Training 6 days a week...

Spending 2+ hours in the gym everyday...

Constantly beating up my body with more and more volume.

Because more is better, right?

Eventually my body started to break down... I had to find a better way.

I needed a way of training that would allow me to be lean, strong and athletic... without giving up my whole life in the process.

I discovered that there are 3 simple things you can do to become strong and healthy.

The first is to work on your mobility everyday.

Mobility is literally the fountain of youth.

And one of the biggest mistakes people make is neglecting it.

Whether it's from years of training hard or manual labor...

Sitting at a desk or just not being active...

Your joints will get stiff and achy.

They don't have to though... you don't have to walk around feeling like the tin man.

All you have to do is spend 20 minutes every morning working on your mobility...

It'll keep your joints feeling young, healthy and injury free.

The second thing you need to do is take a reasonable approach to lifting.

I love training... and I'm a big advocate of training everyday.

The thing is... you can't lift heavy and hard everyday.

If you do... it's only a matter of time before your body breaks down.

You might get away with it for a little while.

A few months... maybe even a year.

But eventually you'll have to pay the piper.

You should train everyday... but there's no need to lift everyday.

Lift hard 3 days a week... the rest of the week go through some mobility circuits.


Or do a few hill sprints.

Work on all the other things that are also important for strength and health.

This is a much more reasonable approach to training.

And reasonable is what you want if you're going to be doing this for the rest of your life.

The final thing you should do to remain strong and healthy is to go for a daily walk.

I know it's not as sexy as doing killer cardio sessions... and insane training programs that leave you lying on the ground, gasping for air.

But the healthiest way to keep your body fat down is a daily 30 minute walk.

Walk around the neighborhood... go for a hike... or walk to the store.

It doesn't matter how you do it... just do it.

And you'll notice your body fat going down.

You'll see improvements in your blood markers... increase your mental focus and clarity... and keep your stress levels in check.

It's an easy way to maintain good health.

Now... the formula I just gave you is simple.

Work on your mobility everyday.

Take a reasonable approach to lifting.

And go for a daily walk.

I'm not asking a lot of you here.

If you do those three things consistently... you'll be in better shape than most people.

And your body will look, feel and perform optimally.

But here comes the hard part... you have to actually go do it.

Knowing isn't enough.

In fact... you probably already knew these things.

Now you have to go do something with the knowledge.

In Strength and Health,